Ensure Business Critical Infrastructure Reliability with ConRes

At ConRes, we guide networking projects by starting with your objectives and working backward. Our dedicated experts help you identify bottlenecks and unearth opportunities to leverage the right solutions and the right vendors to architect an IT infrastructure built to support modern applications and users. We’re confident our solutions will make your network more agile and flexible and positioned for the demands of future growth. 

Organizations leverage our networking solutions to: 

  • Increase enterprise agility 
  • Free up internal resources 
  • Improve infrastructure visibility 
  • Simplify management processes 
  • Fill knowledge gaps 


  • ACI/NSX design workshops
  • SDN interoperability lab
  • Network assessment
  • SDN POC business cases unique to each customer

Simplify with Software Defined Networking

Your enterprise network and data center are constantly under pressure. Between the agility needed to rapidly deploy new applications and the demand of high traffic to support volumes of mobile end users, your IT staff is constantly working to keep up with an evolving environment.  

You can transform your network capabilities and performance by adopting a software-defined solution. By separating the network’s control and data planes, these solutions simplify and centralize management. This automated approach makes manual programming a thing of the past, speeding application deployment, easing complexity and delivering increased security and control. 

Reliable Mobility and Wireless That Users Love

There’s no mistaking it: your employees are on the move. They need access to your company’s network to communicate, manage data and achieve productivity goals whether they’re in a conference room or working remotely. 

Clients rely on us for their mobility and wireless needs because of our proven leadership in deploying innovative and affordable solutions. Our team will assess your network, design a customized solution and implement it, and provide ongoing management support. We’ll deliver a network that provides your employees the connectivity and convenience they require for success. 


  • Mobility Readiness Assessments
  • Enterprise Wireless Design, Implementation and Support
  • BYOD Strategy Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile Security and Access Management
  • Identity and Access Management

Benefits of our Intelligent WAN solutions:

  • Affordably extend your MPLS VPN with less-expensive Internet, cellular or other WAN links.
  • Reduce your monthly WAN services bill without reducing security, performance or reliability.
  • Use a single integration platform for all WAN control functions to simplify IT operations.
  • Roll out guest Wi-Fi, SaaS, video and other critical services without slowing down your WAN.
  • Get a return on your investment in a matter of months.

Intelligent WAN Helps Everything Run Better

Enterprise bandwidth demands are greater than ever. Cloud services are deployed freely, mobile traffic is skyrocketing, and video content is the new norm. Instead of bloating budgets and complicating management processes by adding more bandwidth, add smarter bandwidth. Even better, let ConRes help. 

We deploy Intelligent WAN solutions that help organizations reduce costs, optimize performance and improve user experiences. Extend your team with our dedicated experts who will meet your bandwidth requirements from end to end, designing, implementing and managing your Intelligent WAN so it meets your needs today and into the future. 

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