Transforming Your Organization Is a Mission – Not a Trend

Omnichannel customer communications and hybrid workforces are here to stay. More than ever, you need to deliver a frictionless experience for everyone with easy access to applications and data that are everywhere. 

ConRes helps you navigate these rapidly evolving collaboration and communications demands through solutions tailored to the unique needs of user personas and customer expectations.  

We design solutions suited to user personas

  • Video 
  • Calling 
  • Meetings 
  • Messaging 
  • Document Sharing 

Build the Collaboration Environment Everyone Is Looking For

Collaboration across remote and hybrid teams doesn’t have to be a challenge. Nor does working with customers and partners. ConRes brings together the best cloud and on-premises solutions to create a single experience that’s simply more productive. 

Then, our Customer Experience team takes you one step further to optimize your investment by helping increase adoption rates and ensuring that the user and customer experience is seamless from start to finish.  

Security That Lives Everywhere

With workers using multiple devices, from company equipment to personal ones, security has a broader footprint than ever. 

Our data protection and zero-trust approach allows for a unified, secure user experience suited for agile teams. Meaning your risks should be in bold business moves, not unseen vulnerabilities to your data and applications. 


Multifactor Authentication

Data Loss Prevention


Transform Your Workplace with a True Partner

With 60 years’ experience delivering workforce solutions, we’re here to help. Our flexible approach to solving business challenges is our trademark, making us a fresh alternative to the rigid IT providers that require lengthy timelines and force fit you into solution sets.  

We offer a personalized touch for every collaboration solution from implementing new technologies to user adoption and optimizing your investment. As your committed partner, we enable you to focus on what really matters: growing your business. 

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