Solutions Designed for DevOps Agility

The importance of delivering products and services efficiently and error-free has never been more important. By converting to a DevOps model, businesses can quickly deploy solutions and applications at break-neck speed with reliable results. 

Solutions Tailored to Your Business:

  • Infrastructure as Code: IT teams can automatically manage and provision hybrid cloud infrastructure with code, rather than using manual processes 
  • Configuration Management: Maintain consistent configurations of your applications and operating systems 
  • Application Deployment: Automate the development, testing and deployment of applications 

Gain an Edge with Automation

Manually handling routine maintenance tasks, such as network configuration and policy provisioning can handcuff your team’s efficiency and innovation, which can have a dramatic impact on your organization’s competitiveness. 

Automation solutions can help. By deploying automation solutions, your team can get back to what’s truly important: focusing on business goals and initiatives.  

What’s Driving Automation Trends

Automation gives you an edge in keeping pace with changing business needs and emerging technology trends. While necessary, handling routine maintenance tasks like network configuration and policy provisioning can handcuff your team’s efficiency and innovation, which can have a dramatic impact on your organization’s competitiveness. By deploying automation solutions across your IT infrastructure – from servers to network to storage – your team can eliminate these tasks from their to-do list and free up resources for more strategic, revenue-generating initiatives.

Teams are leveraging automation to:

  • Modulate server and storage capacities based on workload requirements 
  • Create automated workflows for certain tasks and objectives 
  • Offload network provisioning, configuration and orchestration tasks 
  • Accelerate the provisioning of network and security policies 
  • Simplify monitoring and reporting 
  • Test and validate applications and network state 
  • Move data and workloads seamlessly from one environment to another 

How we support automation adoption:

  • On-site guidance for your team
  • Best-practice education and training
  • Creation of architectures and development-to-production pipelines
  • Customized playbooks
  • Configuration management
  • Provisioning
  • Workflow orchestration
  • Network management
  • Application deployment
  • Life-cycle management

Why ConRes for DevOps

ConRes delivers DevOps solutions that drastically reduce the time to market for your critical applications. They successfully increase deployment frequency, diminish lead times and hasten recovery times when repairs are required. Our DevOps solutions provide the high-velocity application delivery you require to stay ahead of the competition. 

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