The Greatest Success is Found When Working With a Partner That Understands Your Business

At ConRes, we commit the energy and resources to learn your business in order to deliver customized solutions that address your distinct needs.  

We have technical expertise that ranges across numerous industries, having partnered with organizations of all sizes for nearly six decades. We believe in meeting customers where they stand and have the flexibility to tailor our solutions and services. It’s why we’ve earned a 98% customer satisfaction rating across industries.  

Financial Services

We’ve delivered transformative cloud, data center, security and digital infrastructure solutions, and have even negotiated competitive vendor discounts on our clients’ behalves. Our CapEx and OpEx strategies have proven effective in assisting clients in fulfilling their IT needs on-time and on-budget.

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Biotech & Life Sciences

ConRes brings together solutions and services that enable biotech and life science entities to efficiently grow and innovate. We combine industry-leading data center expertise with the latest cloud technologies to deliver end-to-end solutions that free up teams from IT tasks, increase the scalability of research operations and control costs.

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Our proven solutions help deliver secure shopping experiences and future-proof IT infrastructures for growth and agility. Using our state-of-the-art, ISO-certified Integration Center, we save clients time and resources supporting customized rollouts for retail locations across geographies.

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Our experience with leading healthcare providers proves that quality, consistent care requires a patient-first mentality. We help providers fully leverage their compassionate and skilled medical teams with connected, secure and scalable IT environments designed to handle the extensive data demands of care delivery.

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Technology Service Providers

We help technology and service providers cut through the clutter. Our deep assessments of IT environments identify opportunities for improvements, and our lab services help deliver the customized solutions that improve security, productivity and collaboration.

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ConRes has worked with manufacturing companies for decades, and is innately skilled in logistics, maximizing productivity and managing assets throughout their lifecycles. We have the technology solutions, flexibility and engineering experience manufacturers need to improve profitability while ensuring quality standards.

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Government & Education

ConRes teams with government and educational institutions to maximize budgets and deliver results. We understand the complexities in design and procurement processes that public sector organizations face. We know federal and state contracts, online BID and e-auction portals, and grant and federal discount programs.

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