ConRes works with organizations across industries. Understanding how to use IT to enable business success is not an industry-specific function. We have the extensive experience and multi-solution offerings to solve the unique IT challenges our customers face. The following examples span industries we regularly serve through our current client base.

Financial Services

Financial companies are often faced with sophisticated cybersecurity threats and attacks, server sprawl resulting from mergers and acquisitions, and complicated data requirements caused by compliance and regulation standards.

ConRes has expertly managed these types of challenges for our financial clients. We have customized and implemented transformative cloud, data center, security, and digital infrastructure solutions, and have negotiated competitive vendor discounts on our clients' behalf. Our creative CapEx and OpEx strategies have also proven effective in assisting our financial clients with fulfilling IT needs on-time and on-budget.

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Government & Education

Government and education institutions are challenged with delivering reliable communication and collaboration services to their end-users, and managing ever-increasing data, all while securing their IT environments against cyberattacks and data breaches under the tightest IT budgets.

ConRes creatively works with government and education institutions to maximize budgets and deliver results. We understand the complexities in design and procurement processes that our customers face. We have knowledge with Government and State contracts, online BID and e-auction portals, and grant and federal discounting programs. We partner with our customers to build robust, scalable solutions that maximize their budget potential.

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Retailers are one of the most targeted industries for cybercriminals, as evidenced by the successful attacks that have plagued millions of customers over the past several years. Retail companies are also under pressure to adapt to technology changes that affect how customers shop, making online and mobile technology flexibility paramount to their IT strategies.

ConRes has partnered with retailers worldwide for decades. Our proven solutions deliver optimal shopping experiences to their customers, and future-proof their IT infrastructures for future growth and agility. We also maximize security to prevent attacks and respond swiftly to each and every threat. We often leverage our ISO certified state-of-the-art Configuration Facility to implement customized roll-outs for our retail customers. We understand the need for efficient IT solutions with minimal disruption.

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Technology and Service Providers

While technology and service providers are at the forefront of technology's evolution, they are always challenged with reducing complexity, improving customer service, and providing added-value. Even though they are members of the technology sector, these businesses share the struggle of navigating the cloud, digital infrastructure, and multi-vendor integration options available in modern IT.

ConRes helps technology and service providers cut through the clutter. Our deep assessments of IT environments identify weaknesses, and our lab services deliver customized recommendations for solutions that will improve security, productivity, and collaboration. We are committed to our clients' success, working as a true partner in helping design and implement solutions for the future.

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Manufacturers are under constant pressure to remain competitive. Their complex challenges range from cutting costs and speeding production, to scaling operations with the latest technologies.

ConRes has worked with manufacturing companies for decades, and is innately skilled in logistics, maximizing productivity, and managing assets throughout their lifecycles. We have the technology solutions, flexibility, and engineering experience manufacturers require to improve profitability while meeting quality standards. ConRes embraces challenges and is dedicated to delivering the customized IT solutions our clients require.

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