Simplify Your Supply Chain and Reduce Costs

Our Integration & Logistics Center supports you through your entire IT solution implementation process from design and procurement to deployment and vendor management. Working with our ISO 9001:2015-registered facility, you can: 

  • Minimize overhead and logistics costs
  • Streamline configuration and testing
  • Reduce deployment risk and complexity 
  • Accelerate technology initiatives
  • Save time and money

Support and Service That Run Full Circle

Inventory and Asset Management

  • Equipment warehousing and staging in a secure, climate-controlled facility
  • Documenting and tracking inventory levels, work in progress (WIP) and finished goods
  • Asset tagging, labeling, tracking and barcoding
  • Issue birth and death certificates
  • Asset decommissioning and data destruction

Multi-Vendor Management

  • Project management
  • Offload administrative tasks so your team can focus on critical tasks
  • Coordination with multi-vendor solutions to manage complex global supply chain

Global Shipping

  • Global presence
  • In-country shipments
  • Phased rollouts
  • Multi-vendor coordination

Staging and Integration

  • Rack and stack hardware assembly
  • Network connections and hardware configuration
  • Software installation and setup
  • Configuration and asset documentation
  • Remote ability to QA and validate configuration
  • Burn-in testing
  • Automated builds

Reduce the Demands on Your Overloaded Staff

  • Proof of value that simulates and tests interoperability with multi-vendor solutions in our secure facility 
  • Rack server configuration to organize your systems, as well as provide power, rack and cabling
  • Software imaging installed and burned in on all appliances 
  • Full configuration and integration of all compute, storage and networking components
  • Inventory stock and management, which ensures you have what you need when you need it
  • Product rollouts and phased implementations that deliver staged deployments of large multivendor systems globally
  • Asset labeling, tracking and barcoding to detail the assets you have and document their configuration 
  • Asset decommissioning and recovery for your equipment at end of life, arranging for disposal and supplying certificates of destruction
  • Delivery logistics to multiple locations globally

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