Software Defined Networking

Your enterprise network and data center are constantly under pressure. Between the agility needed to rapidly deploy new applications and the demand of high traffic to support volumes of mobile end-users, your IT staff is constantly working to keep up with an evolving, compatible environment. Manual configurations are necessary to stay current with the latest business-critical applications, but this approach isn’t secure or sustainable.

This automated method makes manual programming a thing of the past

You can transform your network’s capabilities and performance by adopting a software defined networking solution. By separating the network’s control and data planes, these solutions simplify and centralize management. This automated method makes manual programming a thing of the past, speeding application deployment, easing complexity, and delivering increased security and control network-wide.

Our Software Defined Networking Solutions

ConRes partners with the industry’s top software defined networking solution providers. Our engineers have a wealth of experience identifying and implementing the most appropriate solutions for our clients, including SD-WAN, which maximizes bandwidth availability to increase efficiencies and cut costs. We’re confident our solutions can make your network more agile and flexible and positioned for the demands of future growth.

Solutions we offer:

  • ACI/NSX design workshops
  • SDN interoperability lab
  • Network assessment
  • SDN POC business cases unique to each customer

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