Three Cyber Security Risks That Need Mitigation Now

What’s lurking inside your IT upgrades? You’ve updated, automated, streamlined and optimized your IT operations for efficiency, agility and competitive advantage. And although you’ve succeeded in transforming your data center for modern demands, you may have opened the door to … Read More »

What Storage Virtualization Method Will Meet Your Needs?

There are several variations on the definition of storage virtualization, however there is one definition provided by that nicely covers the overarching concept. Storage virtualization is technology that provides a flexible yet logical arrangement of data storage capacity to … Read More »

Hitachi Storage Virtualization Implementation: Part 2 – Shopping For Server Virtualization Solutions

Continuing our storage virtualization implementation from Part 1, an important part of the planning process is selecting which products you’ll use. Most IT professionals view server virtualization as an approach allowing them to purchase less, but the fact is that … Read More »

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