2022 Halloween Costume Contest

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Halloween Costume Contest this year.

In the 0-4 age group, our winners are Teagan, Duncan and Drew Anderson, children of Branden Anderson!

Dorothy, Lion & Scarecrow

In the 5–9 age group, our winner is Aurielle Abate, daughter of Anthony Abate!

Fallen Angel

In the 10–14 age group, our winners are Ryan and Avery Vance, children of Angel Vance!

Tom & Gisele

In our Adults category, our winner is Diana Rotelli!


Favorite Pet Costume, Nellie, Sam Patterson’s Dog


Thank you to all who participated—check out the rest of the incredible costumes below!

Age 0–4 Honorable Mentions

Age 5–9 Honorable Mentions

Age 10–14 Honorable Mentions

Adult Honorable Mentions