BC/DR to the Cloud

Your data center is the hub of your business. It supports your applications, maintains and stores critical data, and is the lifeline for your servers – but is it properly protected from costly and unexpected outages? And beyond that, how will you keep your business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR) plan current as priorities shift for your team, technology trends evolve and new challenges arise? Answering these questions is increasingly leading organizations to move business continuity/disaster recovery to the cloud.

We will work closely with you to determine your priorities and preferences, and will develop and execute a plan that secures your business, your budget, and your peace of mind.

Why ConRes for BC/DR to the Cloud

Cloud-based BC/DR is built for today’s IT climate. Shifting data and workloads to the cloud eliminates the overhead costs of keeping infrastructure on-site, frees up your team to focus on innovation and service delivery and helps mitigate the risks of an outage or failure — cloud providers maintain geographically distributed data centers, ensuring you receive best-in-class uptime and maximum security and reliability.

Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions

ConRes delivers comprehensive Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (DR) services. Our engineers regularly develop and implement customized client plans that effectively anticipate and swiftly alleviate outages. Our designs promote minimal disruption windows to restore business operations, enable storage solutions to continue processing during system failure, and deliver data backup strategies that protect you from permanent data loss.

  • Synchronous/Asynchronous
  • Redundancy
  • Failover
  • RAID Protection
  • Clustering and shared storage (continue processing if a system fails)
  • Local or Cloud Backup and/or remote synchronization techniques (What’s your acceptable level of data loss from a disaster or failure?)
  • Remote site transmission bandwidth path (remote copy)

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