Cloud Modernization

Emerging trends like artificial intelligence, digital transformation and “Big Data” make now the perfect time for organizations to prepare their cloud environments today for the challenges of tomorrow. Whether you’re lifting and shifting applications to the cloud, re-platforming legacy applications, or re-architecting your multicloud environment, trust ConRes for the expertise, resources and technology to reduce the costs and complexities of the modernization process.

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Why ConRes for Cloud Modernization

No modernization effort is done in a vacuum. Any investment you make in your multicloud environment will ripple effects throughout the rest of your IT infrastructure, which can introduce wasted costs, inefficiencies and technology gaps if you’re not careful and strategic.

By combining a rich legacy in on-prem infrastructure with cutting-edge technologies and trends, ConRes uses a 360° approach to the modernization process, taking into account every area of your IT infrastructure to deliver solutions that help you optimize spend, increase efficiency and mitigate risk.





Organizations often partner with us to:

  • Manage Big Data
  • Implement and manage AI/ML solutions
  • Re-platform legacy applications
  • Re-architect and re-factor applications

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