Global SaaS Provider: Security Assessment

When you’re a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, cloud operations and security are cornerstones of your organization, and implementing a robust security strategy becomes the number one priority when breaches start to occur.

What Happened

This SaaS provider was experiencing an alarming number of security breaches into its environment and grew increasingly panicked about their security vulnerabilities.

The Biggest Challenge

Their existing security paradigm was inadequate to protect them considering their dispersed workforce, because all their key players were remotely accessing data. This company lacked the security expertise to thoroughly identify risks and vulnerabilities and didn’t know where to start in terms of better securing data.

Assess, Adapt, Overcome

The ConRes Security Team thoroughly assessed the company’s distributed IT environment and uncovered their security vulnerabilities. This insight allowed us to identify potential areas of risk and prioritize a plan of action.

We mapped out an end-to-end security solution that covered physical security, compliance requirements, network vulnerabilities, data protection, and proactive management, creating a safeguard to thwart potential attacks. We also developed an incident response strategy for Day Zero threats.

After seeing our assessment results, this SaaS provider immediately instituted new employee data policies and deployed the recommended next-gen firewalls. They also leveraged our Managed Services for proactive patch management, SEIM, traffic control, improved cloud connectivity visibility, and best practices for data management.


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