Global Manufacturing Conglomerate Underwent a Wireless Network Upgrade

The IT network is the heart of any manufacturing company. Whether it supports security, demands for performance or the revenue stream, a reliable network is necessary to sustain crucial functions.

They Weren’t Equipped for the Challenge

In this case, a global manufacturing conglomerate with several hundred manufacturing facilities across the world was operating on a network with outdated technology. They recognized the clear need to go wireless but struggled with the logistics.

Designing and executing a robust, standardized wireless network one that was secure and easy to manage remotely turned out to be more challenging than anticipated. Their already overwhelmed internal IT staff was simply not equipped to tackle the project.

ConRes Picked Up the Pieces

Leveraging our Professional Services team, ConRes fully mapped existing network topology, including on-premise physical heat mapping to avoid network interference from existing machinery. We then delivered a bill of materials and deployment plan covering facilities in 17 different countries.

We completed this massive project, top to bottom, in only six weeks, assessing what was needed, delivering all the necessary components and executing a standard design for each location.


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