A Palo Alto Partner for over 8 years

Palo Alto Platinum Partner

As a Palo Alto Platinum Partner for over 8 years, and with an extensive background in security, ConRes is your trusted advisor to address the key vulnerability areas associated with your technology environments. Collaboration with customers and the emergence of new threats has allowed us to recognize and address the most pressing IT security issues.

Trust the security experts at ConRes to thoroughly assess your environment for vulnerabilities and recommend the security solution that is best for you. As experts in the security industry, our engineers support Palo Alto’s game-changing solutions that protect your organization’s and your customers’ data in this digital age without slowing down your progression towards innovation and digital transformation.

The Palo Alto Solutions and Services we offer include the following:

Enterprise Architecture & Implementation Services

  • Firewall
  • End Point
  • Access Layer
  • Network
  • Data Center
  • Cloud


  • Optimization
  • Vulnerability & Penetration Testing
  • Security Lifetime Review
  • Prevention Posture Assessment
  • Best Practice Assessment
  • Health Check & Configuration Audit


  • Accredited Sales Expert
  • Certified Network Security Engineer
  • Palo Alto Endpoint Professional Platinum

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