An F5 partner for over 10 years

F5 Networks Gold Unity Partner

ConRes has been an F5 partner for over 10 years and as a Gold Unity Partner, you can expect to find expertise around the full scope of F5 Networks solutions which ensure secure, reliable, and fast delivery of applications. F5’s framework enables innovation that enhances your organizations IT agility. ConRes delivers this innovation with the many years of experience and numerous sales and technical certifications we hold as an F5 Networks Gold Unity Partner. Together we deliver solutions for an application world.

Application Delivery

Mobilize Your Workforce. Users expect applications to always work and work fast on any device. If organizations fail to meet these expectations, it has never been easier for customers to find alternatives. F5’s expertise in intelligent traffic management serves as the foundation for our application availability and delivery solutions.

Cloud Solutions

Move to the Cloud. An app-centric strategy helps organizations maintain control over applications in the cloud. By extending the same availability, performance, and security services across environments on-premises, public cloud, private cloud, or a mix (hybrid) organizations can be confident their apps will provide the same user experience wherever they’re deployed. The same policies that govern applications in the data center can be applied in the cloud.

Security Solutions

Complete Visibility and Control at Scale. Like packages shipped from Point A to Point B, applications along with their users and data are exposed to enormous risk as they travel from device to data center server and back again. F5 secures access to applications from anywhere while protecting them wherever they reside.

Based on an elastic security services fabric

F5 helps businesses protect sensitive data and intellectual property while minimizing application downtime and maximizing end-user productivity through:

  • Access Federation
  • Enterprise Mobility Gateway
  • Secure Web Gateway
  • DDoS Protection
  • Next-Generation IPS
  • SSL Everywhere
  • Web Fraud Protection

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