Applications are the lifeblood of the modern business, and not only are apps for CRM, ERP, collaboration and payments critical to day-to-day operations – they’re critical to your organization’s competitiveness in the marketplace.

Bottom line: Organizations need applications, and they need to deploy them fast. Meeting this requirement is leading many DevOps teams to adopt container technology.


Before production, every application must progress from one development environment to another – from a workstation all the way to a staging and testing environment. These environments often aren’t identical, requiring teams to manually adjust software versions and configure applications for a specific environment. Naturally, this can slow down the production cycle.

Containers abstract applications from the environment in which they run, bundling the application and all its dependencies in a package that can move seamlessly from one production environment to the next.

Adopting container technology? Ask us about our jumpstart program.

Why ConRes for Containers

Leveraging container technology gives you a significant edge in being able to deploy applications rapidly, at scale. However, containers don’t come without some complexities – architecture and implementation patterns may be unfamiliar, new infrastructure requirements may arise and your team may lack the domain knowledge to deploy and manage the technology effectively. That’s where ConRes comes in.

Trust our experts to help ease your adoption of containers. We extend your team with the expertise, toolsets and organizational know-how to get you up to speed with container technology quickly and get your applications into production rapidly.

How we support container adoption:

  • On-site guidance for your team
  • Best-practice education and training
  • Creation of architectures and development-to-production pipelines
  • Customized playbooks
  • Design OpenShift platform architecture
  • Deploy persistent block and object storage
  • Container security and compliance
  • Enterprise-level monitoring and logging
  • Container deployment pipelines
  • Legacy app-to-container migration planning

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