As compute, network and storage infrastructure sprawls to meet the needs of fast-growing, geographically distributed workforces, many IT teams are pressed to scale services – and fast. The question is: How do you scale services and drive efficiency without sacrificing quality, adding to headcount or overburdening staff?

At many organizations, the answer lies in automation.

What’s Driving Automation Trends

Automation gives you an edge in keeping pace with changing business needs and emerging technology trends. While necessary, handling routine maintenance tasks like network configuration and policy provisioning can handcuff your team’s efficiency and innovation, which can have a dramatic impact on your organization’s competitiveness. By deploying automation solutions across your IT infrastructure – from servers, to network, to storage – your team can eliminate these tasks from their to-do list and free up resources for more strategic, revenue-generating initiatives.

Teams are leveraging automation to:

  • Modulate server and storage capacities based on workload requirements
  • Create automated workflows for certain tasks and objectives
  • Offload network provisioning, configuration and orchestration tasks
  • Accelerate the provisioning of network and security policies
  • Simplify monitoring and reporting
  • Test and validate applications and network state
  • Move data and workloads seamlessly from one environment to another
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Why ConRes for Automation

Our automation solutions relieve your IT professionals from repetitive, time-consuming tasks, so they can focus on strategic work. Your major infrastructure systems, including Windows and Linux servers, public cloud and virtualization platforms, network devices, and monitoring systems will be transformed through customized, automated deployment and managed configurations. This will effectively simplify, speed, and maximize the performance of your entire IT environment.

How we support automation adoption:

  • On-site guidance for your team
  • Best-practice education and training
  • Creation of architectures and development-to-production pipelines
  • Customized playbooks
  • Configuration management
  • Provisioning
  • Workflow orchestration
  • Network management
  • Application deployment
  • Life-cycle management

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