Signal Generators

Keysight E8663B

|100 kHz to 3.2 or 9 GHz with .001 Hz resolution


GW Instek GAG-810

1 MHz Audio Generator with 0.02% Low Sine Wave Distortion

New: $220.00

Rohde & Schwarz AMU200A-OPTSs

Baseband Signal Generator and Fading Simulator

New: $33,890.00
Used: $24,300.00
Rental: $1,694.50

Rohde & Schwarz IQR100

IQR100 I/Q Data Recorder


Rohde & Schwarz AFQ100A

R&SВ®AFQ100A I/Q Modulation Generator


Keysight E8267D

Up to 44 GHz

Rental: $.

The MXG is the pure and precise alternative to the analog PSG, with advantages in size and speed. It delivers the performance you need–spectral purity, output power, switching speed and more–to perform module- and system-level testing.

Better testing done sooner equals deeper confidence in EW system performance. The Keysight UXG agile signal generator lets you create complex scenarios when you need them. Off the shelf, the UXG is a powerful building block, whether you want a dependable LO or a scalable threat simulator. By blurring the lines between analog and vector technologies, the UXG lowers the barriers between new intelligence and up-to-date signal scenarios. Generate increasingly complex simulations with the UXG and get closer to reality.

Rohde & Schwarz SMR20-OPTS1

SMR20-OPTS1 Microwave Signal Generator, 10MHz-20GHz, B1-B11-B15, $9,500 used


Rohde & Schwarz SMR20

SMR20 Microwave Signal Generator, 10MHz-20GHz

Used: $9,500.00
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