BER Testers

Tektronix CR125A

Versatile Precision Clock Recovery and Analysis






Tektronix BSA125C

Tektronix BSA125C Bit Error Ratio Analyzer, $119,000




Tektronix BSA175C

The Confidence of a BERT with the Insight of an Oscilloscope.




Tektronix BSA286CL

The BERTScope Bit Error Rate Tester Series provides a new approach to signal integrity measurements of serial data systems. Perform bit error rate detection more quickly, accurately, and thoroughly by bridging eye diagram analysis with BER pattern generation.


Tektronix CR12500A

The BERTScope Clock Recovery CR Series advanced architecture measures and displays the PLL frequency response from 100 kHz to 12 MHz; the highest loop bandwidth available for jitter testing on the market today. The first clock recovery instruments to allow full control of parameters including loop bandwidth, peaking/damping, and roll off.


Keysight N4903B

Keysight N4903B High-performance serial BERT with complete jitter tolerance


TekSelect BSA12500B-U

BERTScope 12.5 Gb/s Stressed Pattern Generator and Error Analyzer

TekSelect: $193,000.00 $92,640.00

TekSelect BSA175C-U

BSA175C BERTScope 17.5 Gb/s Bit Error Ratio Analyzer

TekSelect: $354,410.00 $283,528.00


BSA-SATA-Tee for OOB Signaling

TekSelect: $4,620.00 $4,158.00

TekSelect BSAUSB3-U

USB3 bundle containing instrument switch and cables required to connect BERTScope, DPP and CR models together for USB3 compliance testing USB3 bundle – Box label 338000800

TekSelect: $13,500.00 $10,800.00

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