The New PA4000 Analyzer from Tektronix

  • May 14, 2014
  • author:

Accuracy, power, and efficiency.

The precise PA4000 will provide you with your power analyzer needs. Click “more” to find out how this product from Tektronix will help you step up your business.


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Tektronix PA4000 Power Analyzers deliver highly accurate,
multi-channel power, energy, and efficiency measurements. Precisely-matched inputs, unique Spiral Shunt™ technology, and advanced signal processing deliver high accuracy even with highly modulated waveforms and crest factors as high as 10. The versatile PA4000 offers comprehensive power measurements. Dual current shunts provide optimal resolution from microwatts to kilowatts. Harmonics analysis up to the 100th harmonic, and motor analysis with torque and speed inputs are included in the standard instrument.


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