Networking & Switching

The data centers of large companies are working overtime: the high number of users drives network traffic that taxes resources, limits availability, and slows performance. IT departments are often reticent to change this network architecture, despite its many challenges, because the prospect of selecting a new solution, integrating it, and funding it can be even more overwhelming.

We strive to reduce complexity and act as a true partner to understand your unique needs.

However, this isn’t a sustainable approach, especially given the new demands on networks with increasing mobility, BYOD traffic, and security issues. Large companies can modernize their network by building solutions that are scalable, secure, and easy to manage. We strive to reduce complexity and act as a true partner to understand your unique needs. This seemingly complex enterprise solution can prove simple and affordable when you select ConRes as your partner.

Our Networking & Switching Solutions

ConRes can transform your data center’s performance and network availability with its innovative approach. Our experienced engineers have worked with industry leaders for decades, and will design, develop, configure, and roll-out a customized core and data center solution that will radically improve your business with little to no downtime. We also provide flexible financing solutions to ease budgeting concerns.

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