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Today’s business environment is beyond competitive: it’s fierce. Modern technology has made customers highly dependent on achieving expected outcomes in real-time – and delays and errors will cause customer satisfaction issues and lost revenue. It’s never been more important to deliver your products and services efficiently, while continuing to meet quality standards.

Achieve an agile IT environment with Automation/DevOps solutions from ConRes.

These customer service goals are readily achievable with agile IT environments. By converting to a DevOps model and embracing automation, businesses can quickly deploy new solutions and applications – while delivering new services with speed and reliability.


ConRes’ automation solutions relieve your IT professionals from repetitive, time-consuming tasks, so they can focus on strategic work. Your major infrastructure systems – including Windows and Linux servers, public cloud and virtualization platforms, network devices, and monitoring systems – will be transformed through customized, automated deployment and managed configurations. This will effectively simplify, speed, and maximize the performance of your entire IT environment.


ConRes delivers DevOps solutions that drastically reduce the time to market for your critical applications. They successfully increase deployment frequency, diminish lead times, and hasten recovery times when repairs are required. Our DevOps solutions provide the high velocity application delivery you require to stay ahead of the competition.

Our Automation and DevOps Solutions include:

  • Infrastructure as Code: IT teams can automatically manage and provision hybrid cloud infrastructure with code, rather than using manual processes
  • Configuration Management: Maintain consistent configurations of your applications and operating systems
  • Automation Management Platforms: Scale IT automation, manage complex deployments, and speed productivity – while leveraging a visual infrastructure dashboard that delivers role-based access control, job scheduling, integrated notifications, and graphical inventory management capabilities
  • Application Deployment: Automate the development, testing, and deployment of applications
  • Container Application Platforms: Build, deploy, and manage your container-based applications consistently across the cloud and on-premise infrastructure

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