Dedicated to the Success of your OEM/Embedded Computer Project (Stable and Flexible)

ConRes takes into consideration all of your technology, business, and marketing needs and then configures, assembles, tests and manages the components and production of your end product within our ISO 9001 controlled production facility

Leads the Industry with over 50 years of Experience in a variety of Product Solutions

Experienced in manufacturing a variety of customized computer products, especially those requiring certification, ConRes’ OEM/Embedded Computing Team builds hardware appliances, software appliances, video and image capture devices, medical devices, scientific instruments, telecommunications equipment, machine control and other computer-controlled equipment for customers worldwide.

Unlimited Partnerships offer a unique custom solution for any application.

Wide Range of Services Provide Flexible and Customized Support for Your Product

To support your OEM hardware solutions, ConRes offers a suite of services and technologies that provide optimal solutions to you and your customers. You choose exactly which services you want for your custom computers or computer-controlled devices. Flexible service options include: system planning, integration services, vendor management, inventory management, lifecycle management, branding and packaging, logistics, and warranty services.

All of these services drive down your support costs, reduce your overhead, reduce your integration, testing and certification costs; and provide you with standardized solutions for long-term stability.

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