Software Appliances for Software Development Companies

Many of the custom systems ConRes builds are used as software appliances – single function systems that are built as the deliverable product of a software development company.

Virtual Manufacturing Role

Working with each software development company, the ConRes OEM/Embedded computing team assumes the role of a virtual manufacturing department, taking on any or all of these production and logistics roles:

  • Product branding
  • System production
  • Image load
  • Custom packaging and parts kits
  • Warehousing and blind-ship to end user

Small Appliances that Don’t Necessarily Look Like Computers

Software appliances are very similar to other OEM computer products but with more emphasis on smaller systems that do not look like computers. ConRes has experience building miniITX systems, systems that operate fanlessly and systems suited to function in non-IT environments.

Special Blind-Shipping, Bar-Coding or UPC Coding

With software appliances, ConRes frequently handles the shipment directly to the end user or customer’s wholesale distributor. In these situations, ConRes can blind-ship using the customer’s shipping documentation and can accommodate any special bar-coding or UPC coding that a distributor may require.

Packing Inserts and Documentation also Monitored via ISO-Controlled Bill of Materials

ConRes is capable of making and managing all the package inserts, CDs, ‘open me first’ sheets and other documents that are commonly included with appliance-type devices. These components become part of the ISO-controlled bill of materials. Their management and control is handled with the same care as all other parts in the system.

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