OEM Custom Servers for Demanding or Specialized Computing Applications

ConRes OEM/Embedded Computing offers custom IT servers for demanding or special computing applications.

This includes custom built servers and systems requiring configurations or specifications difficult to find from traditional tier-1 manufacturers such as Dell, IBM, HP, or Oracle.  Common requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • Special hard drive configurations and RAID controller requirements
  • Video cards or multiple video functions with custom cooling
  • Custom chassis specifications
  • DC power configurations

These systems are fully documented following ISO 9001 processes which ensures that the future manufacture of identical servers is possible.

By merging the manufacturing capabilities of the OEM/Embedded Solutions group with the engineering capabilities of the ConRes Professional Services group and the sweeping array of IT products offered by the company, ConRes addresses essentially any data center configuration.

Using the warehouse and integration space available in the ConRes Configuration and Integration facility, large-scale deployments can be manufactured, staged, configured and shipped.

Whether it‘s one very special server; or one hundred custom servers. Our wide range of IT solutions and engineering capabilities has made us a valuable partner in the industry.  ConRes has the ability to provide a complete solution, at a competitive price, to cover all your custom server needs.

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