Custom Computers as a Key OEM Component in Devices and Instrumentation

The OEM/Embedded Computing Solutions group’s core competency is building custom computers for companies that use the computers as a key OEM component in a larger-scale product. The requirements for these computers are very different than the requirements for a typical desktop computer or IT server.

Key issues that ConRes’ services address include:

  • Product stability – all systems built to the same, consistent specification
  • Flexible customized configurations –  any part, any feature can be included in the build
  • Long life – product availability for two to five years with ECO control and advance end-of-life notifications
  • Custom branding, packaging and kitting
  • Inventory and vendor management to assure just-in-time delivery to your client
  • Software imaging


These systems are typically built using commodity computer components along with custom branding, packaging, accessory kits and a custom software image.

All systems are built using ISO controls in a professional, static-free production facility. BIOS revisions, component serial numbers and other production data are tracked and controlled according to your specifications.

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