Your Virtual Factory

ConRes acts as your virtual factory, from planning to shipping for your OEM or private-labeled, PC-controlled or embedded device, instrument or computer appliance.

Since 1995, Continental Resources (ConRes) has been offering a wide range of OEM computer hardware and software solutions to a variety of industries – medical, video, image capture, scientific instrumentation, hardware/software appliances and more.


You’ll work with the ConRes OEM team – consideration is given to your technology, business, and marketing needs. Then the plans and documentation process begins, followed by the actual assembly, configuration, production and testing of your specific OEM solution.

Embedded, computer-controlled product solutions can be based on Intel® or AMD architectures and support UNIX®, Linux®, and Windows® operating environments. A comprehensive suite of support services is also offered.

Our experienced engineers provide system planning, configuration and production to your specifications. Exacting tests ensure that each system meets your standards – and ours. Finally, warranties guarantee long life and design stability.

All together, contract manufacturing with ConRes drives down your support costs, reduces your overhead, reduces your integration and testing costs; and provides you (and your customers) with standardized solutions for long-term stability.

Types of product solutions offered:

  • Custom servers
  • Devices and instrumentation
  • Embedded computer systems
  • High performance computing
  • Software appliances
  • Storage appliances
  • Thin Client/VDI

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