Logistics Services

ConRes is equipped with professional shipping and receiving facilities. This may seem like a simple thing, but imagine the logistics of handling dozens (let alone hundreds) of packages daily while working out of your second story office suite.

Handling this work internally would mean hiring additional staff, setting up internal processes, negotiating with carriers and a possible relocation to space with a proper shipping dock. Outsourcing the production of your computer-controlled or embedded computing device eliminates the need for you to take on any of these functions.

The ConRes Integration and Configuration Facility has a well-equipped distribution and logistics center to handle your domestic and international shipping and distribution needs. With the ever growing complexities of international shipping, ConRes is a knowledgeable partner. The facility incorporates professional shipping and receiving docs as well as over 17,000 sq. ft. of heated warehouse space.

Distribution Facility Specifications

  • 1 standard height receiving dock
  • 2 standard height shipping docks
  • Maximum movable weight to fork lift specifications
  • 17,000 sq. ft. primary heated warehouse space
  • Utilize SAP software for inventory system
  • Shipping available via FedEx, FedEx Ground, UPS, Courier, etc.
  • Shipping hubs less than 1 mile away
  • International airport within 45 miles

The ConRes OEM team also understands the packaging necessary for the custom products being built and will advise  on the design of an appropriate package, assist with the procurement of custom boxing, and develop any special labeling or printing. We also have existing relationships with the leading shipping companies and handle your domestic U.S. and international shipments easily.

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