Inventory Management Reduces the Risk of Sudden Component Changes

With 65,000 sq. feet of space in the ConRes Integration and Configuration Facility, there is more than enough space to dedicate to inventory management.

Comprehensive inventory control and management is provided at two levels:

  1. Control of inventory for the actual manufacturing/assembly process and
  2. Control of finished goods inventory for future or scheduled shipments.

To ensure steady availability of components, manufacturing inventory is maintained. This mitigates most of the issues surrounding component stability for long-life computer based products. These issues include:miniITX-system-customizable-Jetway-chassis

  • Finding an appropriate supply of the required components
  • Ensuring the general availability of components
  • Anticipating component lifespan
  • End-of-life component management
  • Ordering and stocking custom components
  • Ensuring lead time requirements

Finished goods inventory is held based on your stocking requirements:

  • Pre-defined min/max levels
  • Pre-defined Kanban delivery
  • Shipping requirements
  • Emergency stock
  • Service stock

Select the OEM/Embedded Computing Group as your outsourced production facility (or virtual manufacturer) and our inventory management services will reduce your risk of stock outages. You’ll also reduce unexpected re-certification costs associated with sudden component changes.

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