Branding and Packaging for OEM/Embedded Computers

Product branding and packaging is often a concern for the marketing departments of companies using virtual manufacturing facilities.

ConRes works with your team to develop product branding and packaging that meets your marketing specifications and safe shipping requirements. Whether it’s custom labeling, documentation, package inserts, accessory kits, cabling, or more – all of your requirements are documented and tracked through an ISO controlled documentation system. This ensures that the correct materials and accessories are included as part of the final product.

  • Product branding – custom paint, logos, labeling
  • Product specific inclusions –  cables, documents, Media disks, accessory kits
  • Branded boxes
  • Box testing to ISTA1A or ISTA2A
  • Environmental labeling

Your brand and your reputation are tied together. That’s why it’s so important to work with an experienced OEM and embedded computer manufacturing facility with ISO-9001 registration. Doing so not only ensures the quality of the final product, but also keeps your customers satisfied.

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