Benefits of Outsourcing the Production of Your Computer-Controlled Device, Instrument or Appliance

Eliminating the costs and liabilities of setting up and running a manufacturing shop is the most obvious benefit for a company choosing to outsource production, integration, or manufacturing.


Outsourcing the production of your hardware or software appliance (or other computer-controlled device) eliminates the need to acquire the software loading systems, hardware testing platforms, inventory control systems and all the other tools required to run a manufacturing facility or production center.

With a large Integration and Configuration facility, working with the ConRes OEM team also avoids the space and personnel requirements that you’d otherwise require. The 65,000 sq. ft. facility, with its sophisticated shipping, distribution, warehousing, inventory, and inventory control systems also eliminates the need for your own dedicated logistics operation.

Vendor certifications with companies like Microsoft or Intel can be avoided as ConRes already has these credentials.

As an ISO registered/certified facility, not only is your device built according to ISO quality standards, but you can state that in your documentation, sparing yourself the high cost of an ISO certification program and ongoing audits.

The OEM/Embedded Computing Group at ConRes provides clients with the ability to scale production. Since ConRes is set up to handle hundreds of devices daily, increasing your production from a few dozen units a month (or less) to hundreds of units a month is well within the overall capacity of ConRes’ existing capacity.

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