To Build or Buy Your Computer-Controlled or Embedded Computer Device

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Perhaps you’re thinking about building your own computer-controlled device or system. Perhaps you’re already building your own or contracting its manufacture. In any of these cases, this eBook is a must read.9

Its 38 pages of objective content will help you make the decision to build or buy with your eyes wide open.

  • How do you prepare for the pitfalls associated with product manufacture – especially computer-controlled devices?
  • Will your device require certification(s)? How will you maintain those when technology changes so rapidly?
  • Who in your company will be impacted by the decision and how will your decision resonate through your entire organization?
  • Are your premises physically ready for the process?

And so much more.

The 38-page ebook walks you through the process all the way – from system design… to logistics… and post sale support considerations.


  1. Systems Planning Services
  2. Vendor Selection and Management
  3. Systems Build, Integration, and Testing
  4. Inventory Management
  5. Logistics
  6. Post Sale Considerations

And Appendices:

  • Impact of the DIY vs Outsource decision on multiple Departments
  • QUIZ: A Readiness Assessment and Evaluation
  • Financial Considerations
  • Glossary

Get your free copy of the valuable Guide to the DIY vs Outsource Decision for computer-controlled Devices and Embedded Computer Solutions.


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