Major Concerns in Mobile Endpoint Security

There are several significant technical challenges to overcome when addressing mobile security on your corporate and personal mobile devices. Your IT staff will wrestle with balancing the needs of your employee with the need to secure your corporate data.

Challenges Associated with Mobile Endpoint Security

  • The user’s expectation for full-use (business and personal) of the device.
  • The prevalence of compromised data devices and applications.
  • The balance between privacy and security.
  • Consumerization of IT: Mobile devices are designed, sold and used as consumer devices, while security and manageability become secondary concerns.
  • Mobility: Data reaches easily across multiple trusted and untrusted networks exposing the devices to high risks.
  • Social networks (high traffic, real-time networks) can be exploited for attacks on enterprise infrastructure and data anywhere…instantly.
  • Mobile, cloud, and virtualization technologies connect enterprises to the world, and transmit information well beyond corporate firewalls.

If some of these challenges match your current environment, leverage the expertise of ConRes to take the burden off your team. Engage ConRes to review your challenges, propose a solution…and propose a course of action aligned with your acceptable risk threshold. We ensure secure mobile device access in relation to your corporate data.

Considerations for Mobile Security

Mobile devices work across several different environments, in virtualized infrastructures and with removable media. So when determining your corporate or personal needs for mobile security, take the following questions into account:


  • What kinds of data are stored on your mobile devices?
  • What kinds of risk do you face and what financial impact do these risks pose?
  • What security measures are you currently employing on your devices?
  • Do you have any mobile applications that your customers and/or partners can access?
  • Does your business need to comply with any regulation that governs loss of specific types of data?
  • Do you know if your mobile applications have been created and deployed securely?
  • Did you utilize third parties in the development of your mobile applications?

Mobile Device Management is Key

A well-managed device is a secure device.

Each device has unique functional capabilities as well as an identifiable signature. Along with its core functional components, devices feature entire layers of enhancements, add-ons, hot-fixes, software and firmware updates. The sheer number of device types, combined with disparate features, functions and applications, serves to magnify risk and increase administration costs. The key is to configure and implement mobile/endpoint security solutions consistently with acceptable risk and security parameters.

As mobile devices become smarter, they provide greater corporate access and store more data, thereby increasing the urgency of greater control and management. ConRes shares your  concern and works with you to protect corporate information while promoting sustained productivity.


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