Identifying the Threat

Several mobile devices, like smartphones, have many potential entry points for a compromise. A compromised mobile device can provide a wealth of information to an attacker. Due to their ultra portability, short-range devices such as Bluetooth, Infra-red and Wi-fi are more viable avenues of exploitation.

Potential Threats from Compromised Mobile Devices

  • SMS messages give an attacker the ability to search for your passwords and/or perform unauthorized financial transactions.
  • Emails give an attacker the opportunity to access your private corporate information such as credentials and password reset links.
  • Phones: Low-level access to your hardware allows an attacker to record or listen to your voice conversations. 16
  • Social Networking: Attackers pose as you, allowing the retrieval of your personal information and your social contacts.
  • Operating system vulnerabilities.
  • Physical access to lost, stolen and/or unattended devices.
  • Video/Photo: Low-level access to your hardware provides an attacker with the ability to retrieve video and/or photos from your phone to provide details of its surroundings.
  • Built-in GPS or GSM antennas allow attackers to identify the location of your mobile device.
  • Attackers are able to access documents stored on your device, including email attachments such as PDF files, Microsoft® Office files, credentials, encryption certificates, internal videos and e-books.

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