Addressing Mobile Security Now

ConRes recommends addressing the security concerns of your mobile devices as soon as possible. Attention to security while a technology is developing is the key to ensuring the technology grows into a reliable resource. ConRes recommends you:


  1. Address the security aspects of cell phones and smartphones used by employees and/or contractors.
  2. Ensure your mobile devices are configured, deployed, and managed to meet your security requirements.
  3. Employ the appropriate security management.
  4. Ensure an ongoing process of maintaining the security of your mobile devices throughout their lives.

9 Recommended Mobile Security Practices

ConRes recommends the following mobile security practices (at a minimum):

  • Forcing encryption of data at rest on your mobile devices.
  • Forcing secure connectivity on unsecured public networks.
  • Confirming unauthorized mobile devices do not have access to your corporate LAN.
  • Confirming mobile user spending aligns with the mobile policy.
  • Authentication: Setting your device to auto-lock and limits for unauthorized login attempts.
  • Having a clear policy on remote data deletion.
  • Classifying data according to its sensitivity.
  • Allowing only digitally signed applications.
  • Being aware and able to adapt to the ever-changing mobile landscape.

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