Mobile and BYOD Security

Most enterprises today are comfortable with securing and managing computing endpoints such as desktop and laptops, but may not have the same processes for what is likely the fastest-growing computing platform: mobile endpoints. Like a PC, a mobile endpoint is susceptible to malware, spyware, and other threats. Some examples of mobile endpoint devices are:


Not only are these devices capable of enhancing productivity, but they also open pathways to your corporate systems and data. If managed incorrectly, these devices inadvertently open up security holes and increase unauthorized access to your confidential data, systems and infrastructure.

Continental Resources (ConRes) eases your concerns of mobile consumerization including security, liability and manageability issues.

To provide a productive and secure environment, all mobile endpoints must be reviewed. Remote access and data backup processes must be evaluated, and mechanisms put in place to manage stolen or lost devices (i.e. encryption    and/or remote device disable). Through experience, ConRes understands how mobile devices work with enterprise environments.

ConRes works with you to evaluate/create security processes to ensure your mobile devices are seamlessly integrated without excessive cost and risk.

  • Major concerns and challenges in mobile endpoint security
  • Identifying mobile security threats
  • Considerations for Mobile Security
  • Addressing Mobile Security Now
  • Mobile security – statistically speaking

The Professional Services team at ConRes consists of solution architects, solution engineers and project management professionals who each average over eight years of experience.

Protecting your corporate systems and data is the main focus of our mobile security practice. Supporting this initiative requires distinct policy conformance, encryption and/or disabling methods and unique data backup policies. Having secure data requires paying attention to the smallest detail…how are thumb drives used? What other methods of data transport are used?

ConRes works with you to provide the necessary solutions and support to ensure proper security measures are in place.


Mobile Security Services Provided by the ConRes Expert Engineering Team
To complement these solutions, ConRes provides evaluation, analysis and implementation and management services.

  • Software Distribution for Endpoint Devices
  • Endpoint Security
  • Corporate Data Security
  • Remote Access
  • Custom Inventory Solutions
  • Custom Software Distribution
  • Security Policy Management
  • Custom Package Building
  • Custom Data
  • Collection/Customized Reporting
  • Software License Compliance
  • Data Backup/Recovery
  • Configuration & Implementation
  • Security Audit & Risk Assessment
  • Policy Review & Recommendation
  • SLA Review & Mediation

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