Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) brings the storage into the server, removing the need for SANs and reduces the server & storage footprint


  • VDI (Virtual Desktop)
  • Remote OfficeBranch Office
  • Infrastructure Refresh
  • Disaster Recovery


  • Save on power/cooling.
  • Reduce server/storage footprint from many racks to one
  • Keep data on prem instead of moving to cloud. In many cases moving to an HCI solution is cheaper than the cloud, and is normally easier than the cloud.
  • Quick and easy scale-out, adding infrastructure is accomplished in minutes not hours/days once hardware is onsite.
  • Standardization: Easy to purchase standard equipment to expand and deploy remote offices, etc
  • Single pane of glass (normally vCenter) for management of servers, storage and possibly network
  • Helps enable IT to be pro-active and not re-active


  • Long-time partnerships with the top vendors means unbiased expertise to find the correct solution for your environment
  • Pre-configuration of all equipment in our Integration Facility for quick and easy deployment onsite
  • One stop shop for design, implementation, and post implementation support.
  • Our NOC can assist with management/support/troubleshooting of the HCI environment


We have experts ready to assist on the following solutions and more:

  • Cisco HyperFlex
  • Dell/EMC VxRails
  • HPE – SimpliVity
  • NetApp Enterprise-Scale HCI
  • Nutanix/Plexxi
  • VMware VSAN

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On-Demand Cisco Hyperflex WEBINAR >

On-Demand Dell/EMC VxRail WEBINAR>

On-Demand HPE SimpliVity WEBINAR >

On-Demand Nutanix/Plexxi WEBINAR >

On-Demand VMware VSAN WEBINAR>

Customer Example:

After an assessment of the customers pain points and vision we determined HCI, more specifically a SimpliVity solution would be a good fit. ConRes quickly secured an appointment with SimpliVity to deliver a personalized presentation and demo. With the customer’s concerns quelled, and their questions answered, ConRes took charge to size, configure and implement the HCI solution in the customer’s environment.


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