Data De-Duplication, Security, Encryption for Your Data Center

Data De-Duplication

The goal of any data de-duplication solution is to improve your storage utilization. Why house multiple backup copies of the same data when techniques are available to minimize the overall size of our data storage requirements? De-duplication reduces your required storage capacity since only unique data is stored.


ConRes has partnerships with many key de-duplication manufacturers. This enables us to offer you a wide variety of data de-duplication solutions based on different data compression algorithms and advanced techniques.

Security and Encryption

Due to various cloud and mobile technologies, data security concerns are growing at an unprecedented pace. Add to that the ever-increasing compliance and privacy mandates…and you face a continually changing security landscape. ConRes works with you to deploy and maintain a secure environment that meets your privacy and compliance guidelines, and keeps your data protected.  For more on security CLICK HERE.

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