Data Storage Solutions

Continental Resources (ConRes) offers a full line of data storage solutions to address your uptime, cost and compliance objectives–from ultra highly available/high performance enterprise solutions to low cost modular solutions.


Every solution is designed and architected to provide the performance and scalability necessary to meet your current and future needs.

Each engagement explores your current environment and requirements. We then make recommendations based upon your budget, desires and data storage requirements.

Being vendor agnostic, ConRes recommends the optimum solution without binding you to a specific manufacturer’s product stack. We’ll present the ‘best-fit solution’ after working with you to diligently compose a representation of your requirements. The refined requirements will be used to map to one or more solutions and may be based on one or more manufacturer’s product lines.

Storage Technologies Supported

SSD | NAS | SAN | iSCSI | SAS | Flash

ConRes offers and supports a wide range of storage technologies. Certified engineers formulate your storage solution based on your current and future requirements, your technology preferences, and your budget. We often submit multiple proposals to you for review. We have years of experience and leverage our expertise to ensure your engagement is performed correctly and within the specified timeframe. This also alleviates your burden of acquiring/learning new skills and allows you to focus on your primary business goals.

A. Storage Discovery Review

  • Current State Assessment
  • Capacity Planning
  • Architectural Planning & Design

To better understand the uniqueness of your environment, ConRes performs a Discovery. The Discovery not only identifies your existing storage environment, but also establishes your security desires, current and future data requirements, rate of data growth, and compliance mandates, among others.

B. Storage Economics Review

  • ROI
  • TCO
  • ROA
  • OPEX

Today’s IT leadership aligns IT initiatives with the business and financial goals of their organization. This requires analysis of key financial and budgetary concerns such as ROI, TCO, CAPEX, and OPEX, to name a few. ConRes has a variety of analytical tools available to evaluate alternate storage solutions against your desired financial goals. Since ConRes is vendor agnostic and offers a wide spectrum of storage products, we’ll work with you to suggest the ‘best-fit’ solution for your environment and goals.

C. Sustainable IT Review

  • Green Initiatives
  • Reduce HVAC Requirements
  • Intelligent Power Management
  • Smaller Footprint

ConRes considers the whole environment as possible focal areas to save and/or conserve thermal energy, floor space, incoming power and other factors. Consideration of these variables can directly relate to your cost savings.

D. Implementation and Integration Services

  • Rack & Stack
  • LUN Mapping/Provisioning
  • Data Migration – Frame or Host Based
  • SAN Zoning
  • Proofs of Concept/Staging

ConRes, as a full service organization, offers a multitude of onsite and remote options. ConRes has the facilities to integrate storage, systems, software and provide pre-installation testing which ensures functionality and compatibility. From a data storage perspective, this allows for storage software or patches to be integrated, and any pre-implementation alterations to be made.

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