Data Center Moves/Migrations

Our data center move services include moving single systems (and associated peripherals) or entire data centers where necessary. Emphasis is placed on all stages of your move including pre-planning, coordinating with your IT staff, performing the move, and post move qualification.


We also offer orchestrating moving personnel and performing the physical move. Our engineers offer final destination setup, administer configuration changes, and confirm functionality at the destination location(s).
All of this aids in ensuring optimum data center stability during and after the move. ConRes’ data center moves/migrations capabilities include:

  • Move Plan Assessment
  • Schedule and Timing Assistance
  • Move/Project Assistance
  • Cabling Assessment
  • Mover Orchestration
  • Impact Analysis
  • Needs Assessment
  • System/Peripheral Power Down/Up Assistance
  • New Configuration Assistance
  • Data Storage Analysis and Projections

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