Cloud Deployment Models

We are more than just a cloud broker.  ConRes has the engineers on staff that can develop, customize, migrate, deploy, and manage your cloud solution; because adopting a cloud solution is more than just buying the stuff.

The cloud isn’t a technology. It’s more of an approach to building IT services – an approach that harnesses the power of servers, as well as virtualization technologies that combine servers into large computing pools and divide single servers into multiple virtual machines. And there are several different deployment models for implementing cloud technology, and each has its advantages and disadvantages with significant implications for any organization researching or actively considering a cloud deployment.

The three primary types of cloud deployment models are:

ConRes can deploy multiple types of public cloud infrastructures on your behalf such as AWS, VMware or bare metal cloud with the emphasis here being OPTIONS.  We work with you as a PARTNER and can support your needs and quell your concerns.
A private cloud operates within your environment, and is essentially an orchestration tool to easily operate what you already have.  ConRes can build you a custom solution and manage it for you.  Think of ConRes as your advisor who can make suggestions, and keep your systems operating to peak performance. 
A hybrid cloud solution allows its user to move systems between public and private cloud – allocating resources where needed.  It is a cohesive environment where ConRes can manage and make adjustments remotely and instantly.  We can fully customize, deploy and manage your system as you need it.

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