5 Steps to Pre-Cloud Prep

The best way to handle cloud deployment is to prepare in advance.


When you decide to evaluate cloud solutions, ConRes performs assessments that explore the current state of your IT infrastructure to ensure you have a cloud-ready, virtualized environment. ConRes engineers provide education on the different methods of cloud computing and walk with you through the complex decision-making process to review your options and determine which cloud services fit your strategic goals and objectives.

Education: Leverage the engineering expertise and extensive partner relationships of ConRes to review the principles, standards and challenges of cloud computing.

Virtualization Review: How virtualized is your existing environment? Is your infrastructure cloud-ready?

Applications Revew: Which applications are driving business? Which ones need standalone environments? Which would work well in a virtualized cloud environment? Will a cloud strategy fall in line with your applications?

Security Review: Evaluate existing environment and existing security policies. Factor in security and compliance considerations to determine the level of exposure to your data and systems.

Prototyping: Work with ConRes architects to design a prototype cloud environment and to develop a business case to establish expected costs, SLA’s and performance standards as well as your expected return on investment.

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