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Embedded Computing Solutions

We provide OEM embedded computing services to businesses across a wide variety of industries. Our deep technical expertise and financial stability allows us to deliver highly-qualified expertise that drives down your support costs, reduces your overhead, and reduces your integration and testing costs for your embedded computing solutions. Whether you are looking for a larger high-performance server or low-powered desktop units to embed in your products, our engineers consider your technology, business, and marketing needs, then design an application-specific computing solution.

Minimize Administrative, technical, and procurement expenses:

When building an embedded computing product, continued availability of your product components is key to the stability and quality of your product. Updates to computer components are frequent, making this difficult to manage.  With our long-standing vendor relationships, we evaluate each component to ensure uninterrupted product acquisition and end-of-life strategies.

Minimize hardware costs, maximize product life:

Our skilled team leverages the latest off-the-shelf components to minimize your hardware costs by buying in bulk and selecting products with the longest lifecycle. With our solid financial ability, we can buy and hold inventory of your product components, providing you with peace of mind and the knowledge that components will be available when you need them.

Provide complete integration for your products:

By providing you with a prototype embedded computing system for testing and approval, we can anticipate hardware, software image and firmware issues.  Once the testing is complete, we can duplicate that software image across products.

Provide inventory management and asset tracking services:

Based on your timeline and needs, we can ship products directly from our warehouse to your customers. With our asset-management capabilities, we can also help track and maintain products in the field.

Provide flexibility when you need it:

Since we stock components and build your embedded computing solution in-house, we can respond to change easily and quickly. No long wait times or delays. When you need us, we will be there.


We pride ourselves on providing top-tier customer service, financial resources and deep technical knowledge to our customers. Our custom solutions are built on a wide variety of platforms including HP, IBM, Lenovo, Sun Microsystems, Intel, AMD and SPARC. Our Nashua, NH facility is ISO9001 registered and undergoes annual audits, ensuring that each product is subjected to our rugged standards and your specific tests.

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