IT On Demand – Staffing Solutions for Under-Staffed IT Departments


Providing a solution

When your budget is tighter than ever and your staff is stretched, time is your most precious asset and budget your biggest obstacle. It’s hard to wring more from every minute and every dollar. But it is possible.  What if you could scale your IT personnel requirements as you would your computing resources? Using a Workforce-as-a-Service (WaaS) model lets you add a skilled, vetted and insured workforce when you need it and release it when you don’t.
ConRes’ IT On-Demand staffing services respect your time, protect your IT environment and solve a wide range of IT staffing needs. This Workforce-as-a-Service solution scales easily within your budgetary restrictions.
IT On-Demand staffing services include onsite, remote, short-term, long-term, temporary and temporary-to-permanent solutions. You’ll have the opportunity to interview potential staff to ensure a good fit while we handle all engagement details and sub-contractor paperwork for you.

Placing contractors in IT solutions, globally

If you have offices outside of the United States, you can rely on ConRes’ IT On-Demand WaaS solution to place engineers in positions across the globe. In the past year alone, we’ve placed hundreds of engineers nationally – from coast-to-coast, border-to-border and everywhere in between. In 2014, we put contractors to work in over 18 countries and with the help of our channel partners, you have access to IT staffing solutions in nearly 140+ countries.

Filling the IT Void

Leverage IT On-Demand Staffing resources to save time and avoid hassle

IT staffing can be especially challenging as the demands of IT projects often compete for the same scarce internal staff. The ConRes IT On-Demand staffing services augment or supplement your existing staff due to one-time project needs, family leave of absence, vacations and project priority shifts.

IT On-Demand staffing services include onsite, remote, short-term, long-term, temporary, and temporary-to-permanent solutions. You’ll have the opportunity to interview potential staff to ensure a good fit while we handle all engagement details and sub-contractor paperwork for you. All engagement details and any sub-contractor paperwork are handled for you.

Expertise in Multiple Operating Systems Makes This OS Conversion a Success: A major finance company decided to convert from their existing Operating System (OS) to Linux. Since the client was only familiar with their current OS, they minimized their risk by employing solution engineers from Continental Resources, Inc. (ConRes) to ensure data accessibility and prevent data loss during the switch-over. ConRes provided final project Transfer of Information (TOI) and in-house training to bring the client ‘up to speed’ as quickly as possible in their new processing environment.

Leverage an experienced technical staffing team

Take advantage of our System Engineers and Architects, Project Managers, Technical Writers, and Managed Services Engineers. Extend your current capabilities and bring focused expertise. With more than 60 in-house engineers and over 70 strategic technical partners, ConRes brings you the high tech expertise and success to tackle almost any IT issue you encounter.

Leverage these staff augmentation services for your IT demands

The following areas represent Staff Augmentation solutions available to you through Continental Resources (ConRes). ConRes is capable of assessing, implementing and administering the technology areas listed.

  • Backup
  • Communications
  • Computer & Peripheral (Installation admin, deployment)
  • Data & Software Migration & assessment
  • Data & Systems
  • Data Center or individual system/equipment move
  • Data De-duplication
  • Data migrations
  • Data Risk assessment
  • Data Tables & Depositories
  • Disk replacement
  • Email administering and Archiving
  • Equipment (Installation, administration, deployment)
  • Firewall & VPN
  • Growth projections
  • Hardware/firmware & Software upgrades
  • Hardware/Software deployments
  • Help Desk Services
  • IPT-VoIP (Administration and deployment)
  • LANDesk, SMS, Altiris and Symantec
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Microsoft Office Automation
  • Microsoft.NET
  • Move/Setup & Migrations
  • Network and System Operations (24*7 remote monitoring)
  • Networks (including): Performance Analysis, Security Analysis (Intrusion, detection/prevention and Routing/switching analysis
  • Operating Systems – Linux, AIX, Solaris, Microsoft
  • Project Management
  • Rack layout & installation
  • Security
  • Storage (including): Performance analysis & layout reconfiguration
  • System Administration
  • System Administration
  • System Infrastructure Support
  • Tier I & II end user assistance
  • Unified Messaging
  • Wireless

Despite a Last Minute Emergency, This Temporary Placement Results in Uninterrupted Service and Identifies DR Discrepancy: Sue, a System administrator of a high profile law firm, was in the 8th month of her pregnancy when her baby decided to join the world earlier than expected. ConRes was able to fill the gap with the needed Administrative services (backup, DR testing, etc.) necessary to sustain the business without interruption. Disaster Recovery (DR) testing surfaced a discrepancy in the replication design. ConRes evaluated, provided recommendations, and implemented the suggested changes. The redundant data now adheres to the desired recovery requirements.

Leverage a proven track record

Leverage the benefits of diverse project experience and a proven track record for filling technical gaps. Knowledge, support and fast delivery helps your business operate at peak efficiency. Using a known trusted expert allows your personnel resources to be used for other engagements and also provides you assurance the project will be completed according to your specific requirements. We give your business the same attention we give our own. This approach includes concern for business continuity and project completion within time and budget.

Technical Expertise in LANDesk Gets This Project Completed on Schedule: Right in the middle of a LANDesk rollout project, a major retail company reduced their IT staff by 15% but couldn’t afford any delays in the rollout project. The Client required LANDesk expertise but could not spare the cycles to train their remaining staff. ConRes placed a LANDesk certified engineer onsite for a few months and the LANDesk rollout was completed according to schedule.

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