Moving & Relocating Data Centers

Moving or relocating your data center is a complex and potentially disruptive project. Because of the impact on your business operations, moving or migrating your data center must be handled with the utmost care and senstivity.

Plan in Advance, Anticipate Potential Pitfalls,
Use Skilled Professionals to Move Your Data Center

The best way to ensure a smooth transition to a new area or facility, is to plan in advance, anticipate any potential pitfalls and use a skilled team of professionals who are experienced in data center transitions. It’s difficult to do with existing staff whose skillsets are often more narrowly focused, and who many never have experienced anything on the scale of moving a data center.

The ConRes Professional Services team includes a group of engineers with experience in data center moves. Whether it’s one or two servers, or relocating multiple data centers, these highly-qualified engineers work with you to assess your current environment, then develop a customized plan for the move that will minimize its impact on your productivity.

How to Minimize Disruption

Since your goal is minimal disruption, our engineers and project managers work closely with you on every aspect of moving your data center.


  • With a dedicated Configuration and Integration facility, the ConRes team is able to stage and test different scenarios ensuring a smooth relocation.
  • Once the pre-planning stage is complete, we coordinate with your IT staff to perform the move, overseeing moving personnel as necessary.
  • ConRes Engineers will also be on-site at the destination data center to perform post-move qualifications including setup, configuration changes and confirming functionality.

Our data center moving and relocation capabilities include:

  • Move Plan Assessment
  • Schedule and Timing Assistance
  • Move/Project Assistance
  • Cabling Assessment
  • Mover Orchestration
  • Impact Analysis 
  • Needs Assessment
  • System/Peripheral Power
  • Down/Up Assistance
  • New Configuration Assistance
  • Data Storage Analysis and Projections

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