Cyber Security Services

Four Options for Cyber Security Services from our Managed Services Team

ConRes Cyber-Basic

  • Log Management, Monitoring and Archive of Security Devices only
  • Small customers with little or no IT staff; small infrastructure; low security risk; possible regulatory/compliance requirements; price sensitive

ConRes Cyber-Extended

  • “Cyber-Basic” plus critical end-points and servers
    • Log Management, Monitoring and Archive – Infrastructure
    • Log Management, Monitoring and Archive – Servers
    • Full SIEM
    • Threat Intelligence
    • Advanced Persistent Threat Intelligence
    • Server Availability
  • SMB with small IT staff and limited or no security expertise; possible multiple locations’ multiple servers; moderate network complexity; regulatory/compliance concerns; data vulnerability concerns

ConRes Cyber-Advanced

  • “Cyber-Extended” plus
    • Log Management, Monitoring and Archive – Applications
    • Server Availability
    • Service Availability
    • Network Intrusion Detection/ Preventative Systems Management
  • SMB w/ larger IT staff with advanced understanding of regulatory and compliance issues, and the difference between them; motivated to convert CAPEX to OPEX

ConRes Cyber-Enterprise

  • “Cyber-Advanced” plus
    • May be highly customized
    • Full or partial control of and integration with customer processes and change configuration/management
    • Vulnerability Testing
    • Host Intrusion Detection/Prevention System Management
    • Host Configuration Management
    • File Integrity Monitoring
    • Incident Response
    • Risk Mitigation
  • Medium or large enterprise; mature IT group; high strategic orientation; understands value of shedding routine functions to 3rd party; complex IT infrastructure; high security risk aversion

conres-cyber-security-managed-services-powered-by-alienvault All cyber security services pricing varies by network configuration & device count.



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siem support

SIEM Support Built around IBM’s QRadar: we work with your IT and Data Security teams to leverage your investment in IBM’s QRadar SIEM Platform. Utilizing a dedicated console deployed in our secure, DoD-compliant, ISO-certified NOC and IBM-trained and certified NOC staff, ConRes remotely monitors and manages our clients’ instances of QRadar.


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