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Benefits of Working with an HPE Platinum Partner

As an HPE Platinum Partner, expect to find the HPE solutions you need for missionhpe platinum partner critical computing, high performance computing, and other industry and IT solutions. Whether you are a medium or large enterprise, or within higher education or local and state governments, ConRes can find the best HPE solution for your needs. Currently, ConRes specializes in:

Learn how to plan a converged system that works for you.


Converged infrastructure brings ease of deployment and simplified management to your data center.

Establish a convergence strategy with analyst insight on the best ways to plan, evaluate and adopt new technologies—including Hewlett-Packard Enterprise converged infrastructure.


Keep your mobile users connected and access layer protected.

IT departments across every industry and location focus on keeping their networks ahead of their users’ needs. That’s no simple task given the number and variety of mobile devices that pass through the doors and an endless stream of apps.


Strengthen your IT security with these resources.hpe-security-content-offer
IT security is a multilayered challenge with the threat landscape escalating in size and scope every day. With innovation comes opportunity for hackers to exploit any weakness they can find. Financial institutions and large enterprises aren’t the only ones at risk; in fact, reports found that three out of five cyberattacks in 2015 targeted small and midsize companies.


Make the right flash storage choicehpe-storage-content-offer
Data grows exponentially every day. Your challenge is how to store, access and protect your critical business data—and do it economically. Learn why DCIG rates HPE’s 3Par best-in-class for midsize and enterprise hybrid storage arrays with:

  • Six 9s of uptime
  • Efficiency, agility and resiliency
  • Storage optimized for virtual, cloud and IT-as-a-Service environments


HP Enterprise

Next generation IT solutions from HP Enterprise and ConRes

OECD & HPE: Reaching 100% Reliability with the Data Center of the Future

As part of its digital transformation, the Organization for Economic Cooperation supports its 35 member countries with an agile IT infrastructure, deploying HPE Synergy and Datacenter Care to assure cost-effective scalability, future-readiness and rock-solid reliability.


Ric Lewis & Kate Swanborg | HPE Discover 2017

Ric Lewis, Software Defined and Cloud Senior Vice President and General Manager at HPE and Kate Swanborg, Senior Vice President of Tech Communications and Strategic Alliances at DreamWorks Animation, join John Furrier and Dave Vellante during HPE Discover 2017


TCO Model: HPE SimpliVity Hyperconverged vs. AWS cloud

Eric Slack, Sr. Analyst with Evaluator Group, introduces our TCO model comparing HCI to the cloud. For this model, we compared the total cost of supporting just over 200 VMs on HPE SimpliVity with the cost of running the same number of VMs on AWS.


HPE SimpliVity: 3-Minute Demo

This short demo walks you through the simple management tools that allow HPE SimpliVity systems to deliver linear scalability and continuous availability. Includes backing up and restoring a VM in seconds.http://hpe.com/info/simplivity


HPE SimpliVity 380: Converge Your Entire Infrastructure

Combining storage and servers in a single appliance is a good start but the true power of hyperconvergence comes with full consolidation. The more hardware devices and software that can be collapsed into a hyperconverged solution, the better it gets. HPE SimpliVity infrastructure comprises the entire IT stack. Dramatically reduce costs and data center footprint, while moving at the speed of cloud.To learn more about HPE Simplivity hyperconverged infrastructure, please visit: https://www.hpe.com/info/simplivity


How HPE SimpliVity 380 adds more value to the data center

Paul Miller, HPE VP of SDCG Product Marketing, discusses why hyperconverged continues to increase in the market due to its substantial benefits and targeted audience; and how the HPE SimpliVity 380 makes life simple.Learn more at http://hpe.com/info/SimpliVity


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