Polymorphic Simplicity with HP Converged Storage

Storage sprawl is unsustainable. It creates colossal complexity, severe inefficiency, and a strict infrastructure. As an example, let’s take a hypothetical vendor and see what they have for primary storage, information retention, analytics, and information protection. Let’s say they have 5 platforms for primary storage, one for each: Tier 1, midrange, entry, SSD and virtualization. For file and objects they have three platforms. And for information protection, they have two deduplication engines that don’t work together. This just creates polymorphic complexity. You deserve an easier answer.


HP Converged Storage is designed to address this complexity in the future. HP Converged Storage System’s vision is to create polymorphic simplicity. To clarify, polymorphic means existing in several forms, shapes and sizes. HP simplifies their architecture to take a single approach that improves your ROI with a single approach for primary storage and a single approach for information protection and retention analytics. Within these solutions, HP provides multi-protocol capabilities for object file and block storage needs. HP simplifies storage by providing a common set of data services from SMB to enterprise and service providers. So there’s a seamless upgrade path in data mobility from the smallest environments to the largest deployments.


HP Converged Storage delivers higher ROI. In fact, HP is so confident they called it “”ROI3”:

  1. Return On Information by enabling intelligent search and data tiering capabilities to deliver actionable intelligence directly to you or through analytic applications.
  2. Return On Infrastructure by improving asset utilization through massive consolidation, federated data mobility, and efficiency technologies to cut your capacity needs in half.
  3. Return On Individuals by reducing your administration time and complexity.


The evolution to inherently unpredictable IT-as-a-Service (IaaS)/cloud environments, the explosion of human information, the convergence of physical infrastructure and the move towards the software defined datacenter are all issues that didn’t exist 20 years ago. But that’s when most of the storage that’s deployed today was originally designed. HP’s Converged Storage architecture is built on standard x86 platforms with scale-out and federated storage software as well as converged management provisioning and orchestration. It delivers polymorphic storage solutions of many different shapes and sizes. The Converged Storage portfolio spans from entry-level to high end systems with common data services for block, object, and file workloads and is optimized for primary storage, analytics, information retention and protection. HP is also on the forefront of delivering this portfolio as both physical storage systems and software defined storage.

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