F5 Application Delivery

Mobilize Your Workforce

Users expect applications to always work—and work fast—on any device. If
organizations fail to meet these expectations, it has never been easier for customers to find alternatives. F5’s expertise in intelligent traffic management serves as the foundation for our application availability and delivery solutions.

Core Capabilities for Optimizing Applications

Load balancing isn’t dead—it has evolved into something much greater. While it remains a core functionality for delivering any application, traditional load-balancing has moved beyond the network to encompass a range of security, performance and management services. As leaders in the application services industry, F5’s expertise in helping power fast, available, and secure applications forms the foundation for our entire catalog of solutions.

Application Availability

Any device. Anytime. Anywhere. Not only are employees accessing enterprise applications on mobile devices, they’re increasingly using their own devices. Making applications always available anywhere on any device is critical to lowering costs and maximizing productivity. With F5, you can remove the roadblocks in your network to efficiently and securely deliver applications that are available to users when and where they need them.

Application Performance

Load quickly. Perform flawlessly. Users expect fast, uninterrupted access to rich, dynamic applications wherever they are. If organizations fail to meet these expectations, it has never been easier for users to find alternatives. With F5, you can accelerate your application response time, minimize latency and delays, and reduce the number of data round trips necessary to complete a web request.

Addressing the DNS Query Explosion

DNS is the backbone of the Internet. It allows humans to find domain names like www.f5.com instead of the numerical IP addresses web servers require. It is also one of the most vulnerable points in your network. DNS failures account for 41 percent of web downtime, so keeping your DNS available is essential to your business. F5 can help you manage DNS’s rapid growth and avoid outages with end-to-end solutions that increase the speed, availability, scalability, and security of your DNS infrastructure. Plus, our solution enables you to consolidate DNS services onto fewer devices, which are easier to secure and manage than traditional DNS deployments.

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