Configuration, Integration and Logistics Services

  • February 6, 2015
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Configuration, Integration and Logistics Services

One-of-a-kind configuration, integration, staging and logistics services optimize scheduling and delivery

From staging your new data center environment, to scheduling the phased rollout of 3000 full configured systems, the ConRes Integration and Configuration Facility sets us apart from other VARs and resellers.

The facility offers you a wide variety of services which can include staging and testing a new data center environment; installing software images and configuring notebooks prior to shipping so they’re ready for deployment upon receipt; integrating and configuring large storage devices; racking servers; even manufacturing your custom hardware appliances or medical device.

The Integration and Configuration Facility provides labs and configuration areas, warehouse space for inventory management, and manpower to meet your IT infrastructure configuration and integration requirements.

Exceptional space: Our Configuration and Integration Facility offers over 48,000 sq. ft. and features dedicated tech space equipped to accommodate staging builds; server configuration, racking and software imaging; storage systems configuration; desktop and notebook configuration with software imaging; as well as inventory stocking and management. Our integration center also adheres to the highest quality standards as an ISO-registered company that is audited annually.

Extensive inventory management:  As an independently owned company with deep vendor relationships, we anticipate delivery times on products, specifically pre-ordering and stocking hard-to-find components or systems. We can stock your systems for scheduled roll-outs.

Highly talented and qualified engineers: Since we are platform-agnostic, ConRes engineers don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, they find optimal solutions across multiple platforms, carefully matching solutions to your requirements.

Integration consistency:  We recognize how important it is that each product or configuration be built to your exact specifications. Working with you, we draft exact specifications for each item and deliver to those specifications every time.

As your configuration, integration and logistics partner we help you reduce the demands on your already overloaded staff and resources with:

  • Racking of servers to organize your servers, providing power, adapters and rack equipment
  • Software imaging of your latest software and loading it on to all your products
  • Full configuration & integration of all add-on cards for servers, video drives and hard drives
  • Staging: prior to implementing a new environment, we can simulate and test your new environment. We can also create isolated or staged environments
  • JumpStart/Flash Archive OS builds to rebuild a Microsoft, Linux, or Solaris Flash Archive
  • Operating System loads to ensure that your products are shipped with a fully functional operating system
  • Application software loads loading and testing applications on your products based on your specifications
  • Inventory stocking and management to ensure you have what you need when you need it, we build and stock your completed products and/or product components
  • Product rollouts and phased implementations to ensure large system rollouts are delivered per schedule, we can rack, stage and stock completed systems as well as schedule systems and installations to multiple locations across North America.
  • Asset labeling, tracking, bar-coding that locate the assets you have in your operations and how they are configured
  • Decommissioning and asset recovery for your equipment at end of life, arranging for disposal and supplying certificates of destruction
  • Birth certificates that establish exactly when a server is put into service and save you unnecessary service and maintenance costs
  • Full custom configuration of your product to your exact specifications and duplication of that configuration on every product shipped

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