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Continental Resources (ConRes) has the bandwidth and resources to offer a variety of financing options. For your small or large business to remain competitive and current with constantly changing technology requirements, you’ll want financing options and programs that can grow with you.

Whether you wnat to establish an account, use a credit card to purchase new or pre-owned technology equipment or if you prefer to lease your technology, ConRes offers you a variety of options.

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Lease Financing Options

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Approved Lease Vendors

Continental Leasing Co., Inc. (CLC) (Bedford, MA): Fast service, modest rates, easy documentation (by fax, same day shipment).  Click Here For a Leasing Quote

Bank of America Leasing (Corporate offices in Chicago, IL with regional offices): Financial records are required.

Cisco Leasing (Based in Atlanta, GA; local office in Boxborough, MA): Sub-contracted, good rates for predominant CISCO configuration.

Hitachi Data Systems Credit Corporation (Based in CA; offices Nationwide)

HP Finance (Regional office in NH and Finance Division in Murray Hill, NJ): Excellent asset management and post lease support.

IBM Global (Waltham, MA): Good rates for their collateral, various rates within their product lines, multi-layer administration process.

Independent Lessors

CSI Leasing (Walpole, MA): Excellent asset management and post lease support.

CCA Financial (Richmond, VA): Excellent asset management and post lease support. Personal service, privately held, financially sound.

Financial Considerations

  • All the above vendors will handle co-terminus leases.
  • All carry the paper in house.
  • Generally, financial information is necessary for leases over 100k.
  • Rates are often expressed as a factor rather than an interest rate.
  • Most will not penalize for early buy-out. Know your early payment options.
  • CLC will allow a buy-out based on the banking Rule of 78’s, i.e. “sum of the digits.”
  • Asset Management Reports available.
  • Secure and green removal services generally available.
  • Please consult your accountant to be sure your lease fits financially.
  • If tax considerations are key, pre-qualify the lease to FASB-13, before you sign it.
  • Meet with the finalist.
  • Have your vendor (Continental Resources), contact your lessor to hand shake administratively.

Leasing Contact Points

Corporate Credit Manager
Carol Cavalier
175 Middlesex Turnpike
Bedford, MA 01730 | Phone: 781-533-0355

Other Financial Calculators and Assistance

Third party software calculators from TimeValue

Methods of Payment

Pay Online

Pay via EDI – Electronic Data Interchange 

Continental Resources offers a way to optimize your electronic transactions through EDI.
Efficiencies built into EDI systems, improves relationships between trading partners by enhancing profits. Costs are cut at the direct and indirect level as paper and errors are eliminated. A new openness between partners is established leading to more imaginative means of doing business profitably. Meeting the future is assured as Increased volume is easily handled computer to computer.

Continental Resources offers:

Basic Standards: X12M
Standard ANSI forms/formats (operational at ConRes)
The standards are structured so that EDI packages can easily be configured to translate data from internal formats to external formats
and back again.

850 = Purchase Orders
810 = Invoice
820 = Payment Order/Remittance Advice
856 = Shipping Notice
860 = Purchase Order Change Notice

Other EDI forms are extensive and available from DASI:
180 = Return Merchandise Authorization
805 = Contract Pricing Proposal
812 = Credit/Debit Adjustment
855 = Purchase Order Acknowledgment
865 = Purchase Order Change Acknowledgment
822 = Customer Account Analysis
823 = Lockbox 846 = Inventory Inquiry
867 = Product Transfer & Resale Report
997 = Functional Acknowledgment

EDI Contact Information:

Corporate Contacts
Carol Cavalier
Corporate Credit Manager
175 Middlesex Turnpike, Bedford, MA 01730
Phone: 781-533-0355


Other Electronic Payments

ACH – Automated Clearing House: Federal Reserve Banking system that allows mov­ing of money to and from checking/savings accounts electronically. Make your payments FASTER and Save money using the ACH to submit payment electronically from your bank account.

ACH or EDI Payments: For our bank account information, contact the Credit Department.

PayMode: Bank of America electronic payment solution that transmits payment and detailed remittance information from the buyer to seller. Use PayMode with your Bank of America account to quickly send electronic payments, along with detailed remittance information.

Pay Online


Domestic and International Wire Transfers:

Corporation Name & Address
Continental Resources, Inc.
175 Middlesex Turnpike
Bedford, MA 01730
Contact: Job Mwangi, Cash Administrator, Ach / EFT Coordinator
Phone: 781-533-0282 | Fax: 781-271-0302

For remittance advice and our bank account information, contact the Credit Department.

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